Over $2 Billion in Actos Bladder Cancer Settlement

Over $2 Billion in Actos Bladder Cancer Settlement

In an effort to resolve lawsuits, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Actos, has agreed to pay up to $2.4 billion. The suits accuse Takeda of hiding cancer risks associated with the medication.

If you or a loved one was hurt by Actos – or any improperly regulated pharmaceutical drug for that matter – it’s important that you act now and work to receive compensation.

The agreement would resolve lawsuits representing nearly 9,000 people who used the treatment for Type 2 diabetes beginning in the late 1990s and claimed the company did not warn them that it increases the risks of cancer.

Any settlement deal would average about $275,000 for each case, and would be the first in the four year old litigation over the diabetes drug. The amount given to individual plaintiffs will depend on their particular circumstances, like the cumulative dosage of the drug used, the extent of the injury and their smoking history.

If approved, the global settlement may be announced at the next federal court hearing which is set for May 22.

Still, Takeda continued to defend the drug, saying it “believes that the claims made in this litigation are without merit, and does not admit liability.” However, the settlement will recover some compensation for the victims who have been injured and, in some cases, maimed by bladder cancer while taking Actos.

There are more than 4,000 federal personal injury, product liability lawsuits pending against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly.

Actos Adverse Side-Effects

  • Blood in the Urine
  • Pain During Urination
  • Frequent Urination
  • Feeling of Need to Urinate Without Results

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