Lincoln High School Student Assaulted in Another Bullying Incident

Lincoln High School Student Assaulted in Another Bullying Incident

There have been several bullying incidents in Lincoln, Nebraska and the trend seems to be continuing. This year alone, there have been more than three bullying attacks recorded and posted on social media sites, such as Facebook.

ABC 8 reports that on Wed. Dec. 17, another bullying video, this time of high school student Jared Williamson, hit the social media airwaves. In the bullying video, Williamson is seen being choked and beaten while onlookers record the attack.

ABC 8 spoke with Jared and his family and it is clear that Jared, a freshman, will not be returning to Lincoln High. The person who assaulted him on the way home from school was cited, but the individual who posted the cellphone video has not been held responsible for their part in the assault.

The Lincoln School District declined to discuss the role that students played in creating the bullying video and disseminating it over social media channels. They simply responded that the events in question occurred off campus.

This latest bullying incident merely highlights the need for greater anti-bullying intervention in Nebraska. Children like Jared and Frida should not be subject to violence on the way to or from school. Additionally, students who are subjected to harassment and violence electronically would benefit from criminalizing cyber-bullying.

Thomas Inkelaar, a Nebraska bullying lawyer is representing the family of Jared Williamson. Inkelaar Law reminds everyone that the fight against bullying behavior is a collective responsibility.

You can do your part by helping pass Frida’s Law. Frida’s Law is a proposed anti-bullying bill that will be introduced in the Nebraska Legislature in the upcoming session.