It Can Happen to Adults, Too: 4 Actions You Didn’t Realize Were Considered Bullying

It Can Happen to Adults, Too: 4 Actions You Didn’t Realize Were Considered Bullying

It’s heartbreaking to hear of a child being bullied at school. Children can be cruel, and bullying can leave a lasting mark on one’s psyche. But did you know that bullying extends far beyond the schoolyard and occurs regularly among adults? What you might think is harmless teasing or pranks can easily be taken too far and cross over into the realm of bullying. Here are four real life scenarios where bullying happens among adults:

The Workplace

Jokes can sometimes lighten the mood, but taken a step too far, it becomes downright bullying. While most people can recognize bullying in this form, it also happens more discreetly in the office. Actions like being left out of important communications or not responding to requests for information can be considered bullying. Some take it a step further and sabotage a co-worker’s projects or intentionally make them late, which is far more than just harmless office fun.

Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter, most of us are connected through some form of social media. Though this can provide mountains of benefits and closeness with our comrades, bullies tend to use it as a free for all. Referred to as cyber bullying, any harassment or defamation of a person’s character or actions is taken very seriously. Though it’s only words on a screen, the effects of online bullying can hurt just as much as something that happens in person.

Sports Professionals

While we’d like to think that professional athletes take their actions outside of the arena as seriously as they do when playing, that’s not always the case. The temptation to bully behind closed doors, in locker rooms for example, can be very strong. Often times in the news you’ll hear about stories of hazing or embarrassing rumors being spread as a means of initiation or being part of the team. Even those men and women who our children idolize aren’t immune from adult bullying.

Everyday Life

Bullying doesn’t always happen from someone you encounter on a regular basis or know on a personal level. From subway rides to grocery store aisles, bullying unfortunately takes place every day. If you see someone who is being made fun of, tricked, or otherwise being mistreated, you have the right to stand up for them. Just like we protect our children from those who would hurt them, we have the obligation to do so for adults everywhere.

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