LB 572: Cyber-Bullying Bill Hits Nebraska Legislature

LB 572: Cyber-Bullying Bill Hits Nebraska Legislature

bullying lawyerOn Jan. 21, 2015, Nebraska State Senator Al Davis, the senator who represents District 43, introduced LB572.

Legislative Bill 572 is a proposed law that seeks to expand the duties of the state school security director, address cyber-bullying and increase suicide prevention activities.

Legislative Bill 572: Details

The cyber-bullying bill introduced by Sen. Al Davis ensures that Nebraska’s state school security director will take the lead on ensuring the safety of students in the public school systems.

The bill proposes that the state school safety officer:

  • Collect safety and security plans from all school districts
  • Create minimum safety standards for school security
  • Conduct security assessments in each school
  • Identify security deficiencies
  • Oversee suicide prevention and awareness training
  • Recommend cyber-bullying prevention and response activities

As bullying attorneys who represent several Nebraska families harmed by bullying, Inkelaar Law invites all concerned individuals to join the fight to end bullying in Nebraska.

Join us in encouraging senators to support State Sen. Al Davis’ bill. If you don’t know your senator, you can find your senator and district using the easy tool at the Nebraska Legislature’s official website.

Call, email and meet with your state senators to let them know that you want them to support the cyber-bullying bill because it will make schools safer.

Joining the Fight Against Bullying

State Sen. Jim Sheer, representing Norfolk, is investigating how bullying behavior can be incorporated into criminal statutes. Inkelaar Law is helping to lead this effort by encouraging everyone to support Frida’s Law. A proposal to criminalize bullying behavior, including cyber-bullying and bystander filming of bullying assaults.

To support Frida’s Law and encourage state senators to support criminalizing bullying, sign the Change.Org Petition.

By getting involved at the local, city and state levels, concerned Nebraska residents can make a difference and reduce bullying behavior in schools across the state.

To learn more about bullying activity and the legal fight to end bullying, call 1-877-537-4665.