How To Deal With The Insurance Company After Your Nebraska Car Accident

How To Deal With The Insurance Company After Your Nebraska Car Accident

Auto insurance companies will likely begin contacting you within days of the accident. If the accident was widely publicized; if it led to serious injuries or damages; or if it involved a commercial driver or well-known public figure, expect particularly aggressive attention from insurance agents.

During these initial points of contact, in general, defer speaking with an insurance company representative without first speaking to your lawyer. Anything you say to an insurance agent – even simple sounding, innocuous things like “I’m feeling better today than yesterday” – could be twisted to hurt your claim. Remember that, marketing slogans to the contrary, insurers do not necessarily have claimants’ best interests in mind. Not to sound cynical, but insurance companies are primarily motivated by profit. The less they pay out to claimants like you, the better for their bottom line.

This isn’t to say that insurance companies are “evil”; the picture is complicated. For a nuanced examination, read this fascinating Bloomberg article. Here’s a telling quote from it regarding Allstate Insurance:

“Collectively, the documents [12,500 PowerPoint slides consulting agency McKinsey prepared for the insurer] present a portrait of business strategies that are at odds with the insurer’s carefully cultivated public image. Rather than simply rushing to the scene of an accident and doling out cash, Allstate deploys a variety of systems set in place by McKinsey to make sure it pays the minimum necessary — and it plays hardball with those who seek more.”

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