The New Smartwatch Craze Presents a Cause for Concern

The New Smartwatch Craze Presents a Cause for Concern

The big question starting to surface around the new smartwatch is whether or not driving with the new gadget is safe? And furthermore is it legal?

Because technology is changing and developing at the blink of an eye, traffic laws and regulations have a hard time keeping up. One thing that is clear is that anything that pulls your attention from the task of driving is potentially highly dangerous.

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There are currently no distracted driving laws that specifically address the use of a smartwatch while driving. And there aren’t any in the works.

With 15 million of the new watches set to hit the shelves in the U.S. this year, driving with a smartwatch is a growing concern.

Traffic laws expect drivers to have both hands on the wheel at all times. If a driver picks up a cell phone and looks down to check a text message, police can clearly see that the driver is using a cell phone while driving.

Regulating a smartwatch will prove to be more difficult. Because a smartwatch looks like any other watch, how will a cop know that you are reading a text message rather than simply checking the time?

Studies show that the majority of people already keep their cell phones within close reach while driving. Distracted driving is destined to increase with the new immersion of smartwatches into our lives.

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