Documenting Lost Wages After Your Car Accident In Nebraska

Documenting Lost Wages After Your Car Accident In Nebraska

If you work for a company, your Human Resources department can help you track lost hours and obtain official records to substantiate a claim of lost wages. Remember to factor in additional job-related losses, such as missed opportunities for a promotion or bonuses for overtime work.

Since aspects of a lost wages claim can be difficult to prove—and even more difficult to quantify—gather as much evidence as possible. Let’s say you spent months working on a presentation to a client to win a $10,000 closing bonus. Due to your accident, you lost that opportunity. A co-worker took over last minute (relying mostly on your work), presented to the client, and subsequently received the bonus instead of you.

All of the above information can be substantiated through contracts, check stubs, documentation of the project and written testimonies from co-workers and supervisors who can confirm these claims.

You must, however, prove that the injuries sustained from the automobile accident prevented you from working. To seek lost wages that extend beyond a reasonable recovery period, you will need to provide substantial evidence to support the claim. For example, let’s say you sprained your ankle badly, but your job just involves sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day. The court will likely be skeptical about your claim’s plausibility.

In any case, you will need a physician’s note to substantiate the extent of your injuries, which should include specific instructions for proper recovery and a set time period to refrain from working or participating in other activities. Referring back to the sprained ankle scenario… your physician might prescribe a week of bedrest and limited physical activity until your ankle fully heals. Although a sprained ankle may not directly prevent you from working an office job, the doctor’s orders to rest and avoid physical activity should be enough to prevent you from returning to work.

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