Google Driverless Car Crashes

Google Driverless Car Crashes

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Google is under greater scrutiny for its highly touted driverless cars after a recent rear-end crash. The company’s flagship driverless car was involved in a rear-end accident last week.

The accident was announced during the most recent Google annual shareholder meeting by Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder. He announced that one of the company’s self-driving vehicles was involved in a rear-end accident while stopped at a traffic signal.

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This latest accident has caused members of the media to ask why the company does not reveal the accident reports after a car crash.

Brin has argued that there is little information to be gained from the accident reports. This is the twelfth auto crash for the driverless cars in the six years they have been on the roadways.

Driverless Cars Need to Be Regulated

In an attempt to deflect criticism, Brin noted “our goal is to beat human drivers.” This however, is not a compelling argument.

The goal shouldn’t be to beat human drivers solely, but to ensure that new technologies are not going to harm members of the public.

By refusing to disclose accident reports to the public, Google’s lack of transparency breeds suspicion in the minds of the public.

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