Holiday Planning Strategies: Avoid the Lawsuits

Holiday Planning Strategies: Avoid the Lawsuits

With the holiday season in full swing with neighborhood and employer parties galore, there is reason to step back and identify ways to make holiday parties safer for hosts and attendees.

While there is no criminal statute that addresses legal liability for social hosts who provide alcohol to already intoxicated persons, civil lawsuits are always a concern.

Social hosts and employers can arrange holiday parties in a manner that minimizes liability and ensures safety.


One of the chief ways to reduce legal liability during holiday parties is to proactively limit the alcohol consumption of employees and their families.

Employers who hand out drink tickets and provide alternative ways home can avert potential tragedies before they occur.

Additionally, by hiring a professional bartender, employers can instruct the bartender to stop serving anyone who is visibly intoxicated.

Sexual Harassment

Employees are more likely to behave at holiday parties if spouses are invited. By permitting significant others to be included, the likelihood of sexual harassment is dramatically decreased.

A useful reminder is to schedule the annual sexual harassment employment policies at work during October in preparation for all of the client and company holiday parties.

In this way, employees will be able to think about the legal consequences of their behavior at holiday parties with the recent trainings in the back of their minds.

Decoration is also important in preventing sexual harassment.  Employers should avoid hanging mistletoe and thereby decrease the likelihood that employees will use holiday traditions to act in a sexually inappropriate manner.

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