New Nebraska Bill Addresses Bullying Behavior in Schools

New Nebraska Bill Addresses Bullying Behavior in Schools

bullying lawyersWith the assistance of Senator Al Davis we are pleased to announce that the Nebraska Legislature and Governor Ricketts approved and signed into law on May 27, 2015 LB525.

The bill that among other things would require the State of Nebraska School Security Director to recommend curricular and extracurricular materials to assist school districts in preventing and responding to cyberbullying and digital citizenship issues in Nebraska Public Schools.

The inspiration for this bill originated from a vicious attack on Frida Aguilera De la Torre in Lincoln, Nebraska on January 15, 2014 by six fellow students.

The proposal of Frida’s Law by attorney Thomas Inkelaar requested the legislature to create a law and express a public policy against bullying in Nebraska.

According to Thomas Inkelaar, the addition of this new law LB525 is one step forward in the fight for protection of the victims of bullying and providing a voice to the innocent.

Nebraska Bullying Law Firm

Inkelaar bullying lawyers  have worked with families throughout Omaha to remedy some of the bullying problems endemic to schools in the state.

The bill could not have been passed without the support of the entire community. Our work is not done and we hope to continue to make our schools and communities safer.

Congratulations to Everyone Who Supported Anti-Bullying in Nebraska!