Online Network of Care Offers Local Data to Nebraskans

Online Network of Care Offers Local Data to Nebraskans

Health departments throughout Nebraska have teamed up to deliver local data through a new website, The site offers county-level statistics and information that can be helpful for many Nebraska residents.

Helpful information you will find at includes:

  • Key health statistics
  • Wellness education statistics
  • Relevant information on health issues
  • Relevant information on local medical care
  • Health news
  • Links to local and national support groups

Visitors to the site can compare their county’s statistics to other counties or to the country’s national averages. Visitors can also find data about the local environment such as air quality or smoking rates, both key factors in the rates of diseases like lung cancer.

Nebraska residents interested in finding out about their county’s data should click over to the site and select the “Public Health” tab on the left side of the screen. Then select Nebraska and your county and click “go to site” to get started!