Nebraska Ranked 2nd Highest in Lawsuit Fairness

Nebraska Ranked 2nd Highest in Lawsuit Fairness

The United States Chamber Institute for Legal Reform conducted The 2012 State Liability Systems Ranking Study in order to discover how reasonable and fair the states’ tort liability systems are viewed as by United States businesses.

The organization took a survey from a sample of 1,125 in-house senior executives, senior attorneys, senior litigators, and in-house general counsel whom of which all stated they have knowledge regarding litigation matters at businesses with a minimum of $100 million annual revenues.

In the 2012 rankings, they build upon previous years’ work. In each survey year each of the 50 states is ranked by those most familiar with the litigation environment of that state. Before these rankings were available, information about how businesses looked at the legal systems in each state was greatly anecdotal. The ranking system study aims to pinpoint how corporate lawyers view the state systems.

The results of the study indicate that 49 percent of senior attorneys view the reasonableness and fairness of state liability court systems in America to be pretty good or excellent. The remaining 51 percent of this group of attorneys view the system as poor to fair, or did not answer. These results are important for businesses in order to help them make the decision where to locate or do business.

Our team of attorneys were not surprised when Nebraska took second in the legal climate overall rankings by state, as the state has been ranked second or third for almost a decade. More so, Nebraska is ranked 2nd in overall treatment of tort and contract litigation, 1st in damages, and 1st in timeliness of summary judgment or dismissal.