Nebraska Seeks to Repeal Motorcycle Helmet Law

Nebraska Seeks to Repeal Motorcycle Helmet Law

Legislators in Nebraska are seeking to pass LB31, a bill seeking to repeal the state’s helmet law in its entirety. The bill is being sponsored by Sen. Dave Bloomfield of Hoskins.

If LB31 does indeed pass, Nebraska would become only the fourth state in the country to have no motorcycle helmet law in place. The state would join Iowa, Illinois and New Hampshire in the list of states that do not require helmets.

Hoskins has suggested that the bill may eventually include an age limit requiring younger riders to wear helmets, but he says that would like telling parents how to parent. As such, while the bill currently does not include an age limit, Hoskins seems amenable to a possible amendment.

Supporters of the bill testified in front of the Nebraska Transportation and Telecommunications Committee on Monday. They argued that requiring a helmet was paternalistic, and that repealing the law would bring additional tax dollars to the state as riders from out of state would choose Nebraska highways.

The Nebraska chapter of the American Bikers Aiming Towards Education tried to frame the debate about repealing the law as one about freedom. They stressed that “[adults] should have the right to choose instead of it [helmets] being mandated by the state.”

Opponents of the bill include Tyler Godsey, a young motorcycle rider who was recently involved in a truck accident. Godsey shared that until recently, he would have supported the law. But after colliding with the back of a truck and sustaining only minimal injuries because he was wearing a helmet, he believes that helmets should be required.

Because Godsey’s head hit the back of the truck and the pavement, he may have died or sustained serious brain injuries if he had not been wearing a helmet.

As a personal injury law firm, we are deeply committed to laws which ensure that the population of our state and visitors are safe on the state’s roads and highways. Laws that require the use of helmets when riding on motorcycles and scooters help keep people alive.

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