Pregnant Woman Gets Abortion Pill Due to Pharmacy Error

Pregnant Woman Gets Abortion Pill Due to Pharmacy Error

A pregnant woman in Colorado may lose her unborn child due to an error by a Safeway pharmacy in Fort Lupton.

The pharmacy erroneously gave Mareena Silva, who is six-weeks pregnant, the drug Methotrexate, which is typically prescribed to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

The error was the result of a prescription mix-up, in which pharmacist gave Silva a prescription meant for a 59-year-old woman with the same last name instead of the antibiotic her doctor had prescribed.

Silva realized the mistake when she became nauseous after taking the drug and examined the label on the bottle.

She was taken to Platte Valley Medical Center, where emergency room doctors gave her charcoal in an attempt to absorb the drug.

Doctors say it is equally possible that Silva may suffer a miscarriage, have a child with birth defects, or have a healthy baby.

Safeway has offered to reimburse Silva for any medical expenses resulting from the error.