Reclaiming Control of Your Life After a Nebraska Car Accident

Reclaiming Control of Your Life After a Nebraska Car Accident

When you work day in, day out with victims of terrible accidents – and empathize with them and thus experience and internalize some of their suffering – you have to be driven by a deep purpose to keep going. Before we begin our journey in this blog series, I wanted to share with you why I do what I do and why our whole team can’t wait to get started every day.

Our mission is to give voice to and fight on behalf of those who can’t defend themselves against unfair systems.

We don’t like seeing people pushed around by big insurance companies or denied fair treatment. Our reason for being is to create an even playing field, so people get the justice they deserve.

For nearly three decades, I have fought this good fight, serving diverse communities in Nebraska. To our team, “Justice You Deserve” is not an empty slogan but rather an animating moral imperative. I have devoted my life to this ideal, enlisted the best people I could to take up the banner, and embraced and supported activism in the community to further the mission. For instance, on behalf of 13-year-old Frida Aguilera De la Torre, who was brutally assaulted by her peers, we petitioned the Nebraska state legislature to pass Frida’s Law, reclassifying bullying as a felony and mandating minimum sentences compelling counseling, victims’ impact awareness classes and community service.

Our mission extends to how we relate to our clients. To provide “Justice You Deserve,” we emphasize excellent communication and reliable service by promising to respond to any case evaluations within one business day; providing case updates at least once a month; assigning clients individual case managers with direct email and phone contacts; and traveling to see injured clients in their homes and in hospitals.

These activities – the deliberate ways we treat our clients along with our community activism – are one of a piece. We hope that you find this blog post series to be an extension of this mission as well. We hope it empowers you and gives you some much needed clarity and peace of mind.

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