Recovery Efforts Remain Following Omaha Plant Explosion

Recovery Efforts Remain Following Omaha Plant Explosion

On Tuesday, following the International Nutrition plant explosion, recovery efforts remained in full throttle. What was once the workplace of over 38 employees, is now a twisted and shambled mess.

Investigators determined that the blast caused structural support beams in the building to fail, resulting in the second and third floors of the plant collapsing to the first floor. The blast also knocked the lights out, which sent workers scrambling for safety.

While the actual cause of the blast is still unknown, Omaha Interim Fire Chief Bernie Kanger stated “the investigation could take weeks.” He also said there were no hazardous chemicals present, as this makes the animal feed more nutritious.

At the time of the explosion, fifty firefighters were called to the plant to help free workers that had been trapped and battle flames. Of the 38 workers; 10 were hospitalized, seven were hurt but refused medical treatment, 19 escaped the collapse, and two workers died during the explosion.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will work on determining the cause of the explosion.  The plant owner was fined in 2012 by the OSHA for a half dozen serious violations, which cost him $10,430. The difference is, this was a planned inspection and there were no injuries or deaths.

The Omaha plant explosion lawyers at Inkelaar Law would like to offer our condolences to the victims and their families following the International Nutrition plant explosion. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims as well as their families.