Sister Shields Brother from Dog Attack

Sister Shields Brother from Dog Attack


A courageous young woman shielded her brother from a vicious dog bite attack on Oct. 21, 2014.

The attack occurred in North Carolina where the two children were attacked by four dogs. Jayla Caldwell, a 12-year-old, met her younger brother at the school bus stop and then the dogs attacked them.

The children are recovering at a local hospital, but the attack was harrowing. The sister attempted to fight off the dogs for both herself and her brother. At one point, the dogs bit into Caldwell’s face, arms and her back.

She fought back, tried to kick and push the dogs, but the dogs just kept coming. Finally, Jayla laid down on her brother to protect him. She used her body as a shield to protect his vulnerable face.

Fortunately, neighbors heard dogs barking and the two children screaming for help and came outside to help the kids. One helpful neighbor brought a broom and began to beat off the dogs. Jayla’s younger brother, Jaylen, 8, received extensive wounds.

The dogs attacked his arms and legs as he fought them off. The dogs were pit bull terrier mixes, a particularly vicious breed of dogs. Forsyth County Animal Control center retrieved the dogs.

The investigation is ongoing, but it is believed that the dogs escaped their home through a storm door that was not secured. The owner may be held legally responsible and receive multiple citations and have his/her dogs labeled dangerous.

The dogs have been taken to the vet and will remain there for a minimum of ten days. If the owner is required to register the dogs as a dangerous orders or citations, then the dogs will have to be kept in a secure enclosure. Also, the owner would have to take out a $100,000 policy for each dog.

In public the dogs would be required to be on a leash and their jaws would have to be restricted by a muzzle.

The Caldwell family may be able to recover financial compensation due to the dog bite attacks. An experienced dog bite attorney can make all of the difference.

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