New App Allows Cyber Bullies to be Reported Anonymously

New App Allows Cyber Bullies to be Reported Anonymously


The technology magazine Wired reports that a new app called Stop!t allows students to report cyberbullying behavior. Stop!t allows students to download the app, enter a unique school identifying number, take screen shots of the cyber-bullying interaction and send it anonymously to their school’s administrative team.

Students who know that their attacks on Facebook and other types of social media will be captured and reported may, over time, become less likely to engage in those attacks. At the same time, students who are being bullied will be able to quickly and safely report attacks immediately when they occur, thereby increasing the chances that the bullying behavior and activity will be punished.

For bullying advocates, punishing bullies after they have already caused great harm is only one strategy in reducing bullying. Advocates argue for greater attention to bullying prevention policies and mechanisms that can intervene before a bullied child commits suicide.

Schools have to sign up and pay a flat rate of $2 -$5 per student each year to join the program. Once they do, administrators who have been granted access, can download the reports of the bullying behavior.

Bullying behavior in general is notoriously underreported and an app that allows them to report bullying attacks anonymously can increase the likelihood that students will report that they are being bullied.

Students describe many reasons for remaining silent, including:

  • Fear of retaliation
  • Feelings of shame or embarrassment
  • Afraid that no one will believe them
  • Afraid they will be known as a snitch
  • Skeptical that something will happen anyway

Cyber abuse is often more underreported than physical bullying attacks because cyber attacks are not very visible. This new app attempts to give educators greater transparency into the behaviors of their students.

It is incredibly important that parents and educators create an environment where students understand that they will be believed and that the bullying behavior will be addressed.

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