What if My Child is a Bully?

What if My Child is a Bully?

It has never been stated that raising a child was easy, while nothing is more frustrating than when our own child misbehaves. However, when this does occur, we must not react harshly to our children as this is a natural process of learning and interacting with peers. There are certain ways we can speak with our children to help our children learn from these mistakes so they do not reoccur in the future.

At Inkelaar Law, our bullying lawyers understand that the parents of bullies may not understand why their child is a bully, which is why we are prepared to help these parents deal with situations as they arise and to better understand bully laws.

Tips for Parents of Bullies

There are several things a parent can do when they discover their child is a bully, however we must always remember to stay calm and maintain our authority. At this point in your child’s life, you are the person they look up to and seek for advice, these simple tips should assist you with your child.

The following includes tips for parents of bullies:

  • Remain Calm
  • Calmly discuss the bullying event with your child and record all details
  • Meet with your child’s teachers to work on changing these behaviors
  • Administer clear and fair negative consequences to bad behaviors
  • Go to school with your child for the day and accompany them around
  • Demand your child apologize orally and in writing to the bullied victim
  • Instruct children that power can be experienced through doing good
  • Help your child find an interest, hobby, or way to provide community service
  • Ask your child to monitor their behavior and report to you. This will help them understand self-control and self-management.
  • Immediately reward good and accepting behaviors
  • If required, find professional consultation for your child
  • Find reasons why your child is bullying other children

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Our attorneys at Inkelaar Law understand that bullying is a part of life, however may be preventable by taking the necessary precautions and stopping it before it starts. By utilizing these tips, we believe parents can help their children to understand bullying is not fair, and correct these actions early during childhood.

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