Your Rights after a Firework Injury

Your Rights after a Firework Injury

fireworks injury attorneyFireworks dazzle spectators during special occasions. However, the same spectacle that awes the audience could lead to serious injuries if firework companies fail to exercise caution in manufacturing and when igniting fireworks.

Fireworks related injuries have steadily increased according to a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This report states that up to 11,400 injuries occurred in the year 2013, a 31 percent increase from injuries reported in the previous year.

If you or someone you love is injured during the holidays as a result of faulty fireworks or negligent handling of fireworks, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim.

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Fireworks Injury Attorney

If you are a victim of fireworks injury, you can recover damages for injuries sustained. The kind of claim you make depends on the circumstances of the injury.

Injured spectators can hold the company or person setting off the fireworks responsible through negligence. The person or entity who organized the show can also be held liable for not supervising the activity. A city’s liability is limited by the state’s law, however, entities are duty bound to protect spectators and bystanders from injuries. A city’s local authority can be found liable if it allows illegal fireworks or fails to secure the proper permits for fireworks events.

For instance, the local authority in Nebraska can be sued for fireworks incidences where individuals sustain severe injuries in Omaha or Lincoln.

In cases where fireworks malfunction and result in injuries, victims can recover damages from the retail seller, importer or manufacturer of the fireworks. These entities are supposed to sell quality products, which means that they should ensure their products are functioning properly. Therefore, they may be found liable for injuries resulting from defective fireworks. Individuals who misuse fireworks can also recover damages for injuries they have sustained if they are able to prove that the cause of their injuries was a defect in the fireworks and not their negligent conduct.

If you have sustained injuries from fireworks, you should consult a fireworks injury attorney for assistance in getting compensation.

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