Bullying Prevention Scholarship Winner

We are excited to announce the winner to the Bullying Prevention Scholarship:

Katelyn Schmid

I am a senior at St. Pius X High School in Lincoln, NE. I love music, I play four instruments and am involved in band and choir. In my free time I enjoy reading and watching movies. I plan to attend UNL for college and I am not sure what I will major in yet, but I am thinking about doing something in psychology. I plan to audition for the marching band there and I hope to have a good year there.

When I found out about winning the scholarship I was sitting in the library at school. I received a phone call and I obviously could not pick it up considering I was in the library. There was then a voicemail and being the curious creature I am, I plugged in my headphones and gave it a listen. I was so excited because I did not think I had a chance of winning any scholarships. I immediately texted my parents and told them about it and they were really proud. I plan to use this scholarship to help me pay for college and I am very grateful for it. Thank You!