Diversity in Friendship

Omaha is a diverse community. A melting pot of races, religions, sexualities, and all sorts of other identities. The differences in backgrounds and lifestyles of the people in Omaha are what make the city so special. At Inkelaar Law, we support everyone in our community, no matter their background. We offer help 24/7 in multiple languages to best serve the citizens of Omaha.

It is these citizens in the community, as individuals, friends, and family, who really make Omaha a great and inviting place to live. That welcoming attitude trickles down to our schools, where our children meet students of all different backgrounds. We want to reward those children who have followed their parents lead and have built friendships with children from different background through our Diversity in Friendship Award. The award will go to one child in our community between the ages of seven- and 13-years-old who has exhibited exceptional compassion and built a strong friendship with another child from a different background. The award will consist of two passes to Camp Funplex.

Nominations will be accepted through January 25th, 2019. To nominate a child for this award please fill out the form below.

Nomination Form