Frida Aguilera De la Torre’s Family Represented by Inkelaar Law


Be a Hero: Sign the Petition for Frida’s Law

A brutal and unprovoked attack on 13-year-old Frida Aguilera De la Torre by fellow students from Irving Middle School in Lincoln, NE on Jan. 15, 2014 has prompted Inkelaar Law to petition for stronger state legislation against bullying with the proposed creation of “Frida’s Law.”

We believe that more stringent laws must be in place to criminalize bullying behavior as acts of violence. The abuse that Frida and bullying victims everywhere suffer at the hands of their tormentors is inexcusable and shameful, which is why our firm intends to fight vigorously for the passage of Frida’s Law.

Frida’s Story

Frida Aguilera De la Torre was born on April 14, 2000 in Aguascalientes, Mexico. In 2006, Frida came to the United States with her mother, Dolores De la Torre, and her three brothers, Omar Aguilera De la Torre, now 22, Christopher Aguilera De la Torre, now 20 and Eduardo Aguilar De la Torre, now 16. She is an eighth-grade student at Irving Middle School with no history of being involved in peer disputes or fights.

map-frida-bully-attackOn her way home from school on Jan. 15, a group of six students began taunting Frida, throwing rocks at her torso and following her while she walked faster to escape them. The group eventually caught up with Frida and one of the students pulled her by her hair, spun her around and began to beat her mercilessly. As the rest of the group cheered, Frida’s efforts to free herself from her attacker were futile. The entire incident was recorded on the cell phone camera of one of the group members while Frida was beaten and mocked. The group of students that attacked Frida were between 12 and 13 years old.

The family has retained Inkelaar Law for help with their claim, and our firm is taking a stand against bullying in support of Frida and victims of bullying everywhere.


frida-2How Frida’s Law Will Help

If enacted, Frida’s Law will mean that bullying offenders are subjected to a minimum sentence requiring counseling, victims’ impact awareness classes and community service.

In Nebraska right now, these offenses constitute a misdemeanor, and our firm believes that if bullying is reclassified as a felony, prevention will be more effective.


Support Frida and Help to End Bullying

The horrifying video recorded by Frida’s attackers is evidence of the serious need for supporters in the anti-bullying movement.

Fight back with us. Check back here for updates on our anti-bullying efforts, as we prepare a petition to strengthen Nebraska’s bullying laws. Our proposal, “Frida’s Law,” is intended to provide the option of a felony charge, classify bullying offenses as crimes of violence, and stronger sentencing for bullies.

In the coming days, the petition for Frida’s Law will be submitted to appropriate legislative channels for review and further action.