Lincoln Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Despite years of research, scientists are only now discovering the extent of the damage that brain injuries cause. Though not always immediately obvious, brain injuries can cause lifelong disabilities. Many victims fail to recognize their injuries until years after their accident. Even skilled doctors can have trouble diagnosing such injuries.

If you suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, you have the right to pursue compensation. A Lincoln traumatic brain injury lawyer can help you determine the best strategy for seeking justice.

Causes of Brain Injuries

Anything that causes the head to jostle back and forth or to slam into something can result in a brain injury. Though football players may be most commonly associated with these injuries, car accidents and falls are two of the leading causes of brain injuries. Athletes are certainly at risk for these injuries, but far more people drive and walk on wet or icy floors than play sports.

Whiplash occurs when a person’s head and neck are jostled in a car accident. Though once believed to be a relatively minor injury, whiplash can lead to a traumatic brain injury. When a person’s head and neck are yanked forward and then backward by the forces of a collision, their brain slams into their skull. Known as a closed head injury, these are especially hard to diagnose because there is often no outside indication that there is any internal damage. Consult with a Lincoln traumatic brain injury attorney for more information.

Damages for Victims in Lincoln

The physical, emotional, and financial impact of a brain injury can take over a person’s life. Many people with brain injuries suffer from memory loss and difficulty sleeping, among other symptoms. They may require expensive medical treatment and require time off work to recover. In extreme cases, the victim may not be able to perform their usual duties at work.

The emotional difficulties stemming from a brain injury should not be dismissed, either. Many people with traumatic brain injuries suffer post-traumatic stress disorder after their accident. The difficult emotions that arise after realizing their brain no longer works in the same way can also be hard. Many people require years of therapy and psychological treatment to treat their symptoms.

Thankfully, individuals have the right to pursue compensation when their injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence. Whether a reckless driver caused a dangerous collision that led to the brain injury or a negligent homeowner opted not to shovel his driveway after an ice storm, victims can seek recompense for the damages they sustained with the help of one of our Lincoln traumatic brain injury lawyers.

A Lincoln Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Can Be an Advocate

After a traumatic brain injury, your life may change completely. You may be left unable to work, remember, or even live independently. You may require medical treatment and therapy that results in costly bills. However, you do not have to figure out how to pay these bills alone.

If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury, a Lincoln traumatic brain injury lawyer can help. Call today to schedule your appointment for a consultation with a compassionate lawyer at Inkelaar Law. A conversation with an attorney can help you better understand your legal options moving forward.