Lincoln Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Prescription drugs are used by millions of individuals without incident, but periodically, a dangerous drug will be placed on the market by a pharmaceutical company. Companies do this for a variety of reasons, but regardless of their motivation, releasing a dangerous drug to the public is an irresponsible act that can cause countless individuals to suffer.

If you or someone you care about has been harmed by a dangerous drug in Lincoln, you may want to contact one of our dedicated lawyers at Inkelaar Law and discuss your case. Dangerous drugs can have a profoundly negative impact on the life of a patient and pharmaceutical companies could be held accountable for their actions with the assistance of a Lincoln dangerous drugs lawyer.

When Does a Drug Become Dangerous?

Pharmaceutical companies often strive to provide healthcare providers and facilities with their products in the fastest manner possible. There is nothing wrong with this behavior, as long as the products meet FDA standards and have been adequately tested and inspected.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and many pharmaceutical companies expect their representatives to push drugs that may or may not be safe for consumers. In the United States, drugs often become dangerous when a pharmaceutical company:

  • Fails to inform healthcare practitioners and patients about potential risk factors;
  • Misrepresents the effectiveness of a drug;
  • Illegally markets a drug for an unapproved use (off-label prescribing); and
  • Alters the production process to reduce operating costs.

Companies are often pressed to save time and money and to do this, they may take shortcuts that endanger the health and well-being of consumers.

Past Problems With Drugs

When a patient consumes a drug, they are usually already suffering from an illness or injury that requires medical attention. If the drug a patient consumes is dangerous, there is a possibility of the patient developing a new, more lethal medical condition.

If they do not develop a new condition, the condition they are currently suffering from could intensify and pose more of a health threat than the original. In the past, well-known dangerous drugs have caused the following health problems in unsuspecting patients:

  • Internal bleeding and hemorrhaging;
  • Breast and stomach cancer;
  • Heart and lung failure;
  • Brain aneurysm; and
  • Permanent hair loss.

The side effects caused by dangerous drugs can be remarkably expensive to treat and can cause you to undergo additional physical and psychological trauma. This is overwhelmingly unfair, and any patient who is harmed by a dangerous drug in should consult our Lincoln dangerous drugs attorneys at Inkelaar Law immediately.

Holding Lincoln Pharmaceutical Companies Liable

Dealing with a drug company alone can be immensely difficult and you may need some sort of professional legal assistance. Drug companies have billions of dollars to spend on high-priced attorneys, experts, and insurance representatives, and many are prepared to fight dangerous drug lawsuits. To make matters worse, the legal system requires individuals to follow specific procedures and file their lawsuits in a specific manner.

By working with a Lincoln dangerous drugs lawyer at Inkeelar Law who knows how to handle drug companies, you can increase your chances of receiving financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Depending on the nature of your case, you may be able to receive financial compensation with the help of our dedicated attorneys for lost wages, additional medical expenses, and emotional damage.

Get in Touch With a Lincoln Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If you are recovering from injuries related to a dangerous drug, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Pharmaceutical companies should care about their customers and those who engage in negligent or careless behaviors should have to take responsibility.

Get in touch with Inkelaar Law today if you believe you may have a case. A Lincoln dangerous drugs lawyer could discuss your potential dangerous drugs claim to determine whether it is actionable.