Nebraska Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The spinal cord is one of our most important organs as it controls many bodily functions, including sensation and balance.  That is why any spinal cord injury is potentially serious and may come with significant monetary expenses and challenges.

A Nebraska spinal cord injury lawyer at Inkelaar Law can work to help you cover those expenses, especially if one or more people were responsible for your injury. Our compassionate catastrophic injury attorneys could investigate your situation and help you decide whether a civil lawsuit is right for you.

Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

Damage or injury to the spinal cord could result in long-term or permanent effects. These may include loss of sensation in a part of the body, intense back pain or tingling sensation, difficulty breathing, and incontinence.

Each of these potential symptoms may indicate temporary or permanent spinal cord damage. For example, if you have numbness or tingling in your legs, you may have sustained damage to the portion of your spinal cord that is responsible for sensation in the lower extremities. Likewise, you may have difficulty breathing since the spinal cord controls involuntary functions such as breathing and heart rate.

Treatments Available for Victims

Although the results of these injuries are often permanent, a spinal cord injury victim may benefit from the following medical procedures and treatments, which could potentially improve their condition:

  • Immobilization or traction to properly align the spine;
  • Back surgery to remove bone fragments or other objects damaging the spinal cord; and
  • Antibiotics or other medications to prevent infection near the spine.

Due to the complex nature of many spinal cord injuries, any individual who has a possible injury should receive appropriate medical care as soon as possible. A qualified medical professional may utilize diagnostic procedures such as X-rays or magnetic resource imaging (MRI) scans to determine whether a spinal cord injury exists, and if so, how severe it is. A Nebraska spinal cord injury attorney at Inkelaar Law could help you get the medical care you deserve.

Filing a Lawsuit in Nebraska

Those who suffered a spinal cord injury may be able to collect damages by filing a civil lawsuit. In Nebraska, the deadline to file such a lawsuit is four years, according to Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-207. You may recover compensation for a variety of expenses including medical expenses for the treatments and diagnostic tests mentioned above. Our Nebraska spinal cord injury attorneys at Inkelaar Law could help you file a civil lawsuit to recover compensation for your medical costs.

Spinal cord injuries may be severe and life-changing and could lead to mental and emotional pain. As a result, spinal cord injury victims may be able to claim non-economic damages to help them recover psychologically from their injury as well. These damages generally include compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering due to the injury;
  • Loss of quality of life;
  • Mental or emotional anguish caused by the injury; and
  • Loss of care or companionship caused by the injury.

A Nebraska spinal cord injury lawyer could advise injury victims on whether non-economic damages may be appropriate in their specific situation.

A Nebraska Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Is Available to Help

Every spinal cord injury is different and each one may result in different out-of-pocket expenses. If you believe someone was responsible for your injury, you may be eligible to recover those expenses in a civil lawsuit.

Get in touch with a Nebraska spinal cord injury lawyer for legal assistance. The lawyers at Inkelaar Law are familiar with injury laws and can answer any questions you may have. We could also help you decide if a legal claim may benefit you. For a consultation on your spinal cord injury, call a skilled spinal cord injury attorney today.