Nebraska Child Sports Injuries Lawyer

There are 30 million children who participate in team sports in the U.S. Out of that 30 million, an estimated 3.5 million sport-related injuries happen every year. Sometimes these sports injuries can involve some type of negligence. For example, an eager player can injure another player with excessive force during a hockey game or a doctor may fail to diagnose a preexisting condition that could impact a child playing sports.

Sports injuries happen to kids and teens that participate in sporting activities in or outside of school. Kids and teens that are under the age of 18 are subject to unique injuries because of their age and experience.

If your child suffered a serious injury due to playing a sport, you may need a Nebraska child sports injuries lawyer to assist you in handling your case. Our experienced lawyers at Inkelaar Law could help determine who is responsible for the injury as well as helping your child receive proper compensation.

Common Injuries in Nebraska

Children with sports-related injuries may be enrolled in public school teams or city-sponsored sports organizations. Team sports such as football, soccer, and hockey allow the greater risk of injury due to the participant’s close interaction with other players.

Common types of sports injuries that can occur may include the following:

If you child suffered one of these types of injuries above or another type of injury due to the negligence of another party, reach out to s Nebraska child sports injuries lawyer at Inkelaar Law.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Sports Injuries?

The biggest obstacle in obtaining damages for a child’s sports injury is the issue of consent. For a child to participate in most school, municipal, or county sports teams, the parent must sign a waiver or a consent form that outlines the risks associated with that sport and states that the parent understands these risks.

However, a school or organization may be held responsible for allowing violence in sports or allowing conduct that does not adhere to the game’s rules. For instance, the school might allow the excessive force to be used during football practice on a consistent basis. If that happens, the school may be held accountable for sports injuries resulting from inappropriate conduct on the part of other players or even a coach. One our Nebraska child sports injuries attorneys at Inkelaar Law could help you hold the responsible party accountable for your child’s injuries.

Coaches and instructors can also be held liable for injuries caused by participating in a sport. Inappropriate coaching techniques may include:

  • Encouraging conduct or behavior that is outside the rules of the sport
  • Not removing a player from the game when he or she is injured
  • Allowing a player to violently assault another player or a coach to assault a player
  • Pushing the player beyond their physical limits during practice or games
  • Not consulting with doctors or health care professionals during an emergency

Talk to a Nebraska Sports Injury Attorney

If a child becomes injured directly due to conduct or inadequate decisions by a coach or other responsible party, a Nebraska child sports injuries lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your child, including medical costs and other expenses related to the sports injury.

A child’s physical and future development can be a factor when calculating damages causes by a sports injury. Major injuries during this age range can have a permanent effect on the child’s abilities and their life in the future. If your child suffered a severe sports injury or accident, contact Inkelaar Law today to schedule a free consultation and explore the legal options for your case.