Nebraska Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs can be a major source of injury. Each year approximately 4.5 million people suffer an injury from a dog bite according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). More than 800,000 of these people will require prompt medical attention, and the majority are children.

Under Nebraska Law, a dog bite victim is entitled to recover compensation for a dog bite to help cover medical expenses, injuries, and even emotional trauma. These laws similarly put dog owners on notice to keep their animals well-trained, particularly dogs who may have violent or vicious tendencies.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury from a dog bite, contact a Nebraska dog bite lawyer today. A practiced personal attorney lawyer could help you recover compensation for your injuries and can help hold negligent dog owners liable for your injuries.

What to do After a Dog Bite?

If an individual gets bitten by a dog, they should take several steps to make sure that they recover physically, and financially. Below are some of the steps a Nebraska dog bite lawyer may recommend:

  • Seek immediate medical attention
  • Inform the dog owner as soon as possible
  • Take photos of the injuries, and if possible the dog
  • Report the bite to the police
  • Request vaccination records

Seeking medical attention is the most critical step an individual should take after a bite, especially if a dog broke skin. The wound must be washed, sterilized, and treated appropriately by a medical professional.

Nebraska Dog Bite Laws

In most personal injury cases, plaintiffs need to prove negligence. However, as Nebraska dog bite lawyers know, this rule does not apply to dog injuries. A dog’s owner will be held liable for any injuries or damages caused by their dog. A plaintiff does not have to prove negligence, rather they must prove that a person owned the dog.

Exceptions to Dog Bite Laws

This statute does not apply to trespassers. A person who is trespassing on another’s property will generally not be entitled to recover compensation for a dog bite injury.

In addition, Nebraska courts have excluded damages caused by playful and mischievous acts of dogs. A dog owner may escape liability for a dog bite if they did not have reason to know of the dog’s violent or vicious tendencies; e.g. it was uncharacteristic for the dog to bite a person. An individual should contact a Nebraska dog bite lawyer to understand if they are eligible to receive compensation for their injury.

Ask a Nebraska Dog Bite Attorney

If you have been bitten by a dog and are considering filing a claim, contact a Nebraska dog bite lawyer. Serious dog bites often require extensive medical care and treatment including plastic surgery, physical therapy, and can cause severe emotional harm. This is not an experience you have to deal with alone.

A qualified attorney could guide you through the process of filing a dog bite claim and help you recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and for emotional harm. Call today to learn how a compassionate dog injury lawyer could help you recover.