Nebraska Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Nebraska has numerous criminal charges for sexual abuse crimes. However, there is no specific cause of action recognized for sexual abuse. Individuals in Nebraska must turn to other civil causes of action to recover from sexual abuse. Under the criminal code, sexual abuse can be understood as any action that involves unwelcome physical contact with a person’s sexual or intimate parts. Sexual contact can also include intentionally touching a person’s clothing over their intimate or sexual parts.

If you, a loved one or a child has suffered sexual abuse, contact a Nebraska sexual abuse lawyer. A personal injury lawyer could be patient with you and your needs, all whilst ensuring that you receive the justice you deserve.

Sexual Abuse Claims

Nebraska civil courts have stated that a cause of action for sexual assaults can be considered either a battery or an assault. Battery requires an individual to actually physically touch another, whereas an assault does not require a person to be touched. A person simply needs to be under imminent fear of being touched in an inappropriate manner in order to claim assault. A Nebraska sexual abuse lawyer could evaluate the facts of an individual’s case and help them determine an appropriate cause of action.

Filing a Claim in Nebraska Civil Court

Many sexual abuse victims mistakenly believe they cannot file a claim against an accused attacker, because they were either not charged in the criminal system or were found not guilty in the criminal system. However, a person is entitled to file a civil claim against an alleged attacker regardless of the finding of a criminal court.

Filing a claim for sexual abuse in civil court allows you to recover compensation, which is typically not available under the criminal system. It can help you seek the justice you deserve if a criminal court found your abuser not guilty. Speak to a Nebraska sexual abuse lawyer to learn more about your options.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

A statute of limitations is a law that provides a timeframe for when an individual can take certain legal actions, such as filing a claim. When it comes to sexual abuse in Nebraska, an individual will generally have four years from the time an incident occurs, to file a lawsuit.

Statute of Limitations for Children

The statute of limitations for child victims is not restricted. This enables individuals to file a criminal action for child sexual abuse anytime in the future. A Nebraska sexual abuse lawyer could ensure that an individual does not miss any important deadlines that could jeopardize their chances of receiving compensation.

A Nebraska Sexual Abuse Attorney is Here to Help

Sexual abuse victims often face many challenges physically, emotionally, and financially. Sexual abuse can severely impact a person for a lifetime. If you have been impacted, a sexual abuse lawyer could offer you critical support and guidance during this difficult time. They could also help you pursue a civil lawsuit against your attacker. Their job is to ensure that you receive justice for your pain and suffering.