Omaha Bullying Resources for Bystanders & Witnesses

In many instances of bullying, there is often at least one person affected that is overlooked, the bystander and witness. Although bystanders are not the bully’s target, they may suffer from anxiety, guilt, helplessness and depression, as they may feel something could have done to help the victim of a bully.

At Inkelaar Law, our bully lawyers recognize that witnessing and approaching a bullying incident may be an awkward situation, however the result may have a tremendous impact on the victim’s life. Furthermore, if you witness a bullying incident where someone has been injured, we recommend calling 911 immediately.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a bully, call 1-877-537-4665 or complete the Free Case Evaluation form on this page, our attorneys want to help you.

How Do I Approach A Bullying Situation?

Approaching a bullying situation may be awkward; in fact, bystanders can actually experience what is known as the bystander effect. The following material is intended to help witnesses approach bullies:

  • Avoid joining and laughing at the victim
  • Keep a neutral facial expression
  • Keep your arms beside your body
  • Look confident and stand tall
  • Move closer to the bully next to the victim and make non-threatening eye contact
  • Tell the bully to stop
  • Threaten to call the police

Is There Anything I Can Say To Stop The Bully?

When attempting to stop a bully, it is imperative not to touch the bully or the victim, rather use your words to persuade the bully otherwise. The following strategies can be used to prevent the bully from continuing their actions:

  • Confront the bully concerning their spreading of rumors and demand these rumors stop.
  • Exhaust the subject: say something like, “How many people do you know that are fat?” “How overweight do you need to be to be considered fat?” “How long does a person need to be overweight to be considered fat?” then walk away with the victim.
  • Expose the bully’s ignorance when they are teasing someone because of a medical condition or disability, then walk away with the victim.
  • Give the bully permission to tease: say, “It’s okay to say what you want, it doesn’t bother us” then walk away.
  • Make assertive statements on behalf of the victim: using a strong and calm voice say, “This is a waste of our time. Come with me. (Walk away with the victim).
  • Use the broken record technique: repeat, repeat, repeat, say to the bully, “What did you say?” “That is your opinion” “So” then walk away with the victim.
  • Use the fogging technique: admit that you have similar characteristics of the bully, then walk away confidently with the victim.

Our Nebraska Bullying Lawyers Want To Help You Today

At Inkelaar Law, our lawyers have great sympathy for bullied victims and understand the negative outcomes which may occur as a result. For this reason, our attorneys are determined to stand up to bullies and put an end to this behavior everywhere.

With offices in Lincoln and Omaha, our lawyers are able to help bully victims across Nebraska, including:

  • Chadron
  • Alliance
  • Grand Island
  • Norfolk
  • Hastings
  • McCook
  • And all other Nebraska locations

If you or a loved one has been a victim to a bully, our bullying lawyers want to speak with you today. To learn more, call 1-877-537-4665 or complete the Free Case Evaluation form at the top right of this page.

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