Omaha Dog Bite Injuries

Whenever someone has suffered an injury after being attacked by a dog, it is important that they seek medical attention and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Delaying consulting with a lawyer is a bad idea because over time evidence can be lost. When an attorney is contacted, they could begin gathering evidence and assisting the injured individual with their recovery. If you have been injured in a dog bite incident, reach out to one of our seasoned attorneys at Inkelaar Law who is experienced helping individuals with Omaha dog bite injuries recover damages.

Establishing Liability

Regarding Omaha dog bite cases, you should be aware of Nebraska’s strict liability statute. This means that if a person owns a dog and that dog injures someone, the owner is liable for the injuries that the dog caused. Many individuals who suffer Omaha dog bite injuries make the mistake of filing a claim against the wrong person. They either do not go after the dog owner or they may miss additional potential parties who are liable.

This is why it is essential for injured individuals to seek the services of a knowledgeable attorney after being bitten by a dog. Our skilled lawyers could help you with establishing fault and recovering dog bite damages.

What Constitutes as Being Bitten or Attacked by a Dog?

Under Nebraska law, the dog bite does not necessarily have to break the skin, but the dog has to use its jaws and bite someone to constitute as being bitten or attacked by a dog. A person can also file a claim if they suffered an attack from a dog that did not include an actual bite. An attack can include scratches from the dog’s claws or knocking someone over. Anytime that a dog injures a person, there is the potential liability of the dog owner.

Common Injuries and Severity of the Injuries Impact on Compensation

Common examples of Omaha dog bite injuries include:

  • Bite marks;
  • Scratches;
  • Broken bones;
  • Puncture wounds; and
  • Rabies.

Injuries from dog attacks can range from just a simple scratch to an amputation of a body part. The severity of these injuries can include large flesh wounds and even death. The severity of these injuries can impact your potential to receive compensation. The greater the injury, the less likely the injured victim will receive the full compensation. However, compensation depends more on what the dog owner has for insurance.

The number one priority for someone who has been injured by a dog bite should be to seek medical treatment. You need to be treated by a medical doctor in order to determine what the injuries consist of and what is the recommended course of treatment.

Importance of Contacting a Dog Bite Attorney in Omaha

If you or a loved one has suffered Omaha dog bite injuries, you should contact an experienced lawyer at Inkelaar Law because we have dealt with these types of cases in the past. Our accomplished attorneys know how to help injured victims recover from their injuries with compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation.