Omaha Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck collision of any kind could be a frightening experience, particularly that of jackknifing. A jackknife truck accident is when a tractor-trailer rig has its tractor and trailer moving in different directions. There is a higher possibility for multiple victims that are near to the jackknifed truck when it loses control, so numerous parties may be involved in such a case.

Jackknife trucks could lose control and hit other vehicles in ways that they normally may not since their trailer moves in an unpredictable direction. Due to the seriousness of such a case, it may be imperative to contact an Omaha jackknife truck accident lawyer at Inkelaar Law that could help defend your case. Reach to a qualified truck accident attorney today to get what you deserve and get a free case evaluation.

Common Conditions That Could Lead to a Jackknife Accident

Common circumstances that may lead to a jackknife accident tend to involve weather conditions, specifically the presence of ice or snow. When a truck driver hits the brakes, the front of the vehicle may start sliding in one direction and the trailer part of the vehicle may slide in another direction.

This could cause the vehicle to lose control of itself and could cause it to impact other vehicles on the road. Conditions such as rain or other types of precipitation like black ice may cause a truck to jackknife.

Precautions for Jackknifing Collisions

Speed may be one of the biggest factors that affect jackknifing accidents, as well as the driver’s level of experience. Weather conditions and a lack of attention by the driver could also contribute, so doing anything to combat that could help prevent trucks from jackknifing. A talented Omaha jackknife truck accident lawyer may know the signs of a negligent driver and use that for your case’s advantage.

Mechanical Checks that Could Help Prevent Jackknifing

To prevent a jackknife accident, mechanical checks on brakes and other safety features could be done on a regular basis. In a commercial setting, these checks should be performed daily before the truck is taken out onto the road. By completing these checks, a truck driver could be taking proactive actions in avoiding any collisions.

If someone got hurt in a jackknife accident that was not foreseeable or preventable by anyone involved, negligence could still be found on behalf of the truck driver. Even though the accident may not be unavoidable or foreseeable, there are circumstances that may still allow someone to get compensation for their injuries.

Benefits of an Omaha Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney

The benefits of working with an attorney that may have experience with a jackknife accident are that they could have a better understanding of the full extent of the rules and regulations regarding truck maintenance.

An Omaha jackknife truck accident lawyer with Inkelaar Law could investigate all factors that could have caused the accident, the nature and extent of injuries, and the damages for which you may be entitled. Attorneys at Inkelaar Law may know a suitable way to get the damages you should receive and present a strong case.