Omaha Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

As defined by Omaha and Nebraska law, a rollover accident is when the vehicle initially was traveling upright and suddenly rolls over to either the side or end-over-end. When a truck rolls over, other drivers on the road could be seriously impacted. It could cause death, major injuries, or permanent injury to passengers and drivers of the vehicles. An Omaha rollover truck accident lawyer could you deal with the aftermath of a rollover accident and make it easier for you to focus on recovery. Contact a caring truck accident lawyer at Inkelaar Law as soon as possible to get what you deserve for you and your loved ones.

Fact Patterns Surrounding Rollover Accidents

Common fact patterns of rollover accident scenarios in Omaha include:

  • Lack of attention
  • Speed
  • Driving under the influence
  • Curves on roads
  • Driving to fast
  • Having a shift in cargo
  • Having a shift in weight distribution

Other conditions like ice and snow could also affect or contribute to factors that would cause a rollover scenario. General risks associated with truck rollover accidents include the risk of injury to property of other individuals as wells personal injuries to other people.

Cargo Shifts

Trucks are more susceptible to rolling over if their cargo shifts. Federal regulations that address those issues and require safe and reasonable efforts to stop that from happening, such as securing an individual’s load. An Omaha rollover truck accident lawyer could work to figure out if any factors were present in the accident, such as a cargo shift, that could help to prove your case.

Safety Tips to Help Avoid Rollover Accidents

To avoid being involved in a rollover accident, you could pay attention as much attention to the road as possible. It is important not to be driving at a speed that is too high for the conditions, to appreciate risks that are out there, and to take precautions for being defensive about another person’s driving.

Some circumstances do not permit a person to avoid being involved in a rollover accident, such as:

  • Vehicle malfunction
  • Unexpected wind
  • Other high-speed vehicles
  • Bridges or other obstacles

These accidents are often unexpected, which could make them very dangerous. A seasoned truck accident attorney may know a suitable outcome for you and your loved ones from reviewing your case, making it imperative to contact one. An Omaha rollover truck accident lawyer may also recommend documenting the scene and taking pictures on your phone, as well as contacting the authorities to provide relevant information.

Steps an Omaha Truck Rollover Accident Attorney Could Take

To help you recover damages, Inkelaar Law could engage with investigators and expert witnesses who could recreate the accident scene or document the nature and extent of injuries. They could research the facts that have happened in the case and present a clear and definite case to recover damages on your behalf. An Omaha rollover truck accident lawyer may be a suitable way for you to deal with the tragedy of your accident and still get what is owed to you.