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You may be in pain, injured, confused and don’t know the next steps to take. After being treated for you injuries and discharged from the hospital, contact an attorney who can assert your rights and protect your family’s finances.

Car accident traumas cause more than just pain and suffering. There is also emotional, psychological and financial consequences that can be overwhelming. When these hardships are caused by the negligence of another person or company, the situation is even more frustrating. You may feel that no one is being held responsible for you injuries.

The personal injury attorneys at Inkelaar Law believe injury victims deserve justice. For decades our firm has put our vast resources and experience to work for each of our clients.

Various Types of Personal Injuries


There is a wide range of injuries that an Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska, injury lawyer can help you address.

For instance, medical mistakes that occur in the hospital can lead to birth injuries, hospital infections or botched surgeries.

In other cases, a motor vehicle accident may cause broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, lacerations, wounds and spinal cord damage. It is possible that you and your loved ones have suffered serious injuries such as burn injuries, disfigurement and head trauma or only have minor injuries from whiplash and concussions.

In either case, having an experienced team of litigation attorneys is vital. The right team of Nebraska legal advocates can be the difference between getting the recovery you deserve and being taken advantage of by the insurance companies.

Injuries range from mild to fatal, and the effects of bodily harm can be short-term or permanent. In some cases, ongoing care is required for life.

In cases of birth injuries, the cost of providing for the child’s injuries throughout the child’s lifetime can cause bankruptcy if families do not successfully hold hospitals and medical professionals accountable.

If you or a loved one has suffered physical trauma, it is important to seek medical care for a full prognosis, even if symptoms are not present. Medical records are important evidence used to establish your injuries.

What Damages Does An Insurance Settlement Cover?


Personal injury awards can cover rehabilitation for disabilities, medical expenses, automobile expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and even wrongful death awards for surviving family members.

The amount of damages that will be awarded depends on the unique circumstances of each case. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer who conducts an exhaustive review of all of the injuries can begin to build a case to request a settlement that truly reflects your losses.

Depending on the losses suffered by the victim, there will be several ways of calculating the true costs of the but usually a victim is offered one sum combining all types of injuries.

Future expenses resulting from these damages must also be considered in the equation, as in many instances, physical and psychological treatment may be required for a long term.

Experienced personal injury attorneys can help to determine the types and amounts of damages that are suitable in your case and make sure that the insurance companies treat you well.

How Do Most Injuries Occur?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 1/5 of the American population visited an emergency room at least once in 2011. Unintentional injuries are a leading cause of hospitalization and death in the U.S. Any number of circumstances can lead to personal injury claim.

Some of the most common types of personal injury cases involve injuries after:

These are just a few of the possible causes for bodily harm that can lead to a successful personal injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, thousands will visit emergency departments this year due to these types of incidents.

The most common causes of unintentional injuries, according to the CDC, are slip and fall accidents and motor vehicle collisions. Talk to an attorney to find out where your injury stands.

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