What to Do if an Auto Insurance Adjuster Comes Knocking

What to Do if an Auto Insurance Adjuster Comes Knocking

Car accidents are stressful events in and of themselves. The stress of dealing with insurance companies after the crash can add substantially to that stress, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s what you should do if an auto insurance adjuster contacts you after your auto accident.

Stay calm.

The good news is that if you’re being contacted by the other driver’s auto insurance adjuster soon after your accident, they probably know that you have a case against them. It’s possible that they’re trying to contact you quickly, hoping that you don’t already have a lawyer.

Sometimes, insurance adjusters will make a settlement offer that may initially sound generous. However, the reality is that you could end up with a settlement that is much less than you could have had if you worked with a lawyer.

Get a lawyer.

Having a lawyer who regularly handles car accident cases before will be extremely beneficial. A knowledgeable Nebraska personal injury lawyer will help relieve some of the stress of your situation. They will be able to guide you when there are things you need to say or do, and they’ll give you sound advice on what you should or should not share with the insurance adjuster.

Don’t admit fault.

The insurance adjuster is probably looking for a way that you could be at least partially to blame. If it turns out that you are partially at fault, they won’t have to pay you as much money for the accident. Investigating fault so that the insurance company only has to pay you a minimal amount of money is a major component of the insurance adjuster’s job.

Don’t discuss your health or any possible injuries.

Sometimes it takes a couple of days for you to notice any injuries from your car accident. For that reason, you don’t want to talk to the insurance adjuster about your overall health or any possible injuries from the accident.

Stay factual and polite.

Throughout this process, remember that the insurance adjuster is simply a person doing his or her job. It’s true that their job is to protect the money of the insurance company that they work for. However, that never justifies rudeness.

When you talk to an adjuster, keep your tone factual and polite. Always be respectful and courteous. Don’t overshare information and, if you’re not sure if you should share something, ask your lawyer first.

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