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A burn injury is defined as a chemical, heat, electricity, radiation or friction that causes damage to the flesh or skin.  Most often, treatment for these injuries will depend on the degree of burn. According to the 2010 National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey, more than 603,000 individuals visited the emergency department for burn injuries within the year. In 2012, the National Burn Association reported that more than 450,000 people have been treated for burn injuries throughout the year.

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Burn Classifications

Burn classifications vary depending on the severity and how deep the burn penetrates the surface of the skin. In total, there are six burn classifications, however the fifth and sixth are rarely heard of because they are the most deadly form of burn. The following includes the six burn classifications:

First Degree Burn

A first-degree burn is caused to the top layer of the skin and is usually red and painful to touch. These burns are most commonly known as sunburn, but can also occur from hot beverages or steam. Treatment may consist of Aloe Vera, cool water, or an apple vinegar and water combination being applied to the skin. Note; sunburn may also be classified as a second degree burn.

Second Degree Burn

A second-degree burn may be caused by flames, chemicals, or extremely hot liquids. These burns typically penetrate the epidermis and cause immense pain. A person suffering from a second degree burn is recommended to seek medical attention to prevent shock and infection, while some second degree burns may be treated at home.

Third Degree Burn

A third-degree burn may be caused by fires, chemicals, or electricity and may be categorized as serious injuries. These burns may appear white or black and may not hurt in an exact location due to damaged nerves. The area surrounding the burn will hurt. These burns are most often accompanied by shock when a large area is affected, and require the person to go to the hospital immediately.

Fourth Degree Burn

A fourth-degree burn will usually cover a great area of the skin, and may be fatal to the victim. These burns usually damage the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Treatment for fourth-degree burns may require skin grafts, antibiotics, and possible surgery.

Fifth and Sixth Degree Burns

Fifth and sixth-degree burn victims typically do not survive the burn, however in some instances amputation may be able to save the person’s life. These burns will usually damage the victim’s bones along with all tissues between the skin and the bone.

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Burn injuries can completely change the course of a person’s life. No matter where the burn injury was caused, if another person or entity was at fault, the victim may be entitled to compensation for their losses and damages.

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