Omaha Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse is not only an assault to someone’s body, but also an attack on their psyche and mental well-being. While all actions that would be classified as sexual abuse are crimes under Nebraska law, they are also grounds for civil lawsuits that demand monetary compensation. A qualified Omaha sexual abuse lawyer could represent you in the investigation, filing, and trying of a sexual abuse lawsuit in civil court. Together, we at Inkelaar Law will work to hold sexual abusers accountable for their actions. Read on to learn more about how one of our dedicated injury attorneys could offer you their assistance today. En Español.

Defining Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse constitutes any activity that involves unwelcome physical contact of a sexual nature. It can be something as simple as inappropriate touching of a person’s genitals, breasts, or buttocks. However, more serious potential accusations include child molestation, sexual assault, and rape. It is important to remember that any type of sexual abuse is a crime under Nebraska’s criminal laws. If you suffer or have suffered sexual abuse from another individual, you should contact your local police department and retain the assistance of an Omaha sexual abuse lawyer immediately.

Pursuing a Case

In Omaha, only the target of sexual abuse—or their family in the case of a minor—can pursue a civil suit alleging such abuse. While the abuser will likely also face criminal charges related to the conduct, these charges will be handled independently of any civil case. Even in cases where a defendant is tried, convicted, and sent to prison, the criminal court is powerless to order the defendant to pay compensation to the other party.

At Inkelaar Law, a dedicated Omaha sexual abuse lawyer will work with you to investigate claims of sexual abuse, even if they have not yet been reported to the police. Subsequently, an attorney may file a complaint in civil courts demanding payment of damages and contact the police on your behalf.

In addition to the individual who committed the abuse, these complaints may also name businesses, landlords, or even towns as co-defendants. This is because some property owners and authority figures have a duty to protect those under their care. If inadequate security measures allowed a sexual assault to take place, a landowner may own a degree of liability as well.

Recoverable Damages

There is no specific cause of action known as sexual abuse under Nebraska law. Plaintiffs in these cases must instead examine the facts of the case to determine which cause of action to use. Common examples may include assault, false imprisonment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In Omaha, you can seek compensation the medical costs associated with sexual abuse in addition to the mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life caused by the actions of the defendant. In fact, many sexual abuse cases in Omaha claim the majority of the damage caused in the incident was to the plaintiff’s psyche. For this reason, your Omaha sexual abuse lawyer from Inkelaar law will work with you in a compassionate manner to determine the full effects of the abuse you suffered.

How an Omaha Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Help

All instances of sexual abuse are criminal acts that should be fully investigated and punished. However, no matter how severe someone’s punishment may be from a criminal court, those who have experienced abuse must pursue civil lawsuits if they wish to be compensated. An Omaha sexual abuse lawyer from Inkelaar Law can represent you in your case with the goal of holding the abuser and their enablers civilly liable for their actions. When you are ready, contact our firm to learn how we may be able to help.