Contingency Fees

The American Bar Association defines a contingency fee as a client paying a lawyer only when a lawyer successfully handles a case. Contingency fees are usually used in cases where money is being claimed and most often involve personal injuries or workers compensation cases.

Typically, a lawyer will agree to accept a fixed percentage of the recovery prior to working with their client. This means that the lawyers’ fees will come out of the total money you are awarded for your personal injury or workers’ compensation case.

At Inkelaar Law, our Nebraska personal injury lawyers all operate on a contingency fee basis and believe that all injured victims deserve the right to an experienced lawyer without feeling as though they may not be able to afford their services. Our lawyers will seek the maximum compensation benefits for your losses and damages and have fought for the rights of thousands of personal injury victims.

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How Nebraska Contingency Fees Work

Contingency fees were established in order to assist people that have been injured in order to be able to afford legal representation during their time of need. The percentage of the contingency fee taken by the attorney will depend on a number of factors; however, each client will be able to agree to the percentage prior to a lawyer beginning their work.

Some factors contributing to a contingency fee include:

  • Complexity of the case
  • Difficulty level of questions
  • Labor required
  • Number of entities involved
  • Time limitations imposed
  • Time required

There are several other factors that may go into your contingency fee, however as previously stated these will be pre-determined.

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