Expert Witnesses in Omaha Dog Bite Cases

Expert witnesses in Omaha dog bite cases can provide many benefits to your case. Expert witnesses are professionals who have expertise in a certain field. It is common for attorneys to bring them in to testify about the circumstances surrounding a dog bite case. This testimony can help you secure the compensation you deserve following your injury. To learn more about expert witnesses in Omaha dog bite cases and how they can give you an advantage, contact one of our skilled dog bite attorneys at Inkelaar Law.

Role of an Expert Witness in Dog Bite Cases

One of the roles of expert witnesses in Omaha dog bite cases is to testify as to how dangerous the dog is. For instance, an expert can testify that a specific breed is more likely to injure someone. He or she can also testify to the severity of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. Some expert witnesses that might be called in to testify include law enforcement, dog trainers, and veterinarians. Medical doctors can also be brought in to speak about the injuries the dog bite caused.

How an Expert Witness Could Establish Fault

Expert witnesses in Omaha dog bite cases can be useful with establishing fault on behalf of the dog owner. Law enforcement can testify to the facts of what happened during the incident. For example, a law enforcement officer may testify that the dog was in the yard and that the alleged victim trespassed. If this is the case, then the officer would testify why the owner should not be held liable. This is because the injured individual trespassed on the dog owner’s property.

In other instances, the law enforcement officer can testify that the dog was running loose in the neighboorhood and then bite the plaintiff unprovoked. In this case, the dog owner would be liable for the injuries.

A dog trainer can testify as to how some dog breeds have a propensity to jump on people and that because of its size, it can injure people. A veterinarian could be brought in to testify as to whether the dog up was to date on its shots.

Testifying on the Behavior of the Dog

Expert witnesses can speak about the important steps the dog owner needs to take to prevent the dog from injuring someone. He or she can testify that it may be best if the dog had a muzzle on it or because of its behavior, it should not have been around other dogs or people.

Expert witnesses in Omaha dog bite cases can also be used to hurt a plaintiff’s claim. An expert witness may claim that the dog would not have attacked the plaintiff had it not been provoked. And as mentioned above, an officer may testify that the plaintiff was trespassing, which led to the attack.

If you would like to learn more about the use of expert witnesses in Omaha dog bite cases and how they could help or harm your case, contact one of our experienced lawyers at Inkelaar Law.