Workplace Safety in Nebraska

No matter how much you may love your job, accidents do happen. Workplace accidents are often avoidable by taking the necessary safety precautions, while it is also recommended that employers also review these workplace safety tips with employees at least once a year.

In 2010, 92 percent of workers that suffered from a fatality were men, compared to the eight percent of women, according to Compliance and Safety, while 12 people die on the job each day, equaling over 4,500 workers a year.

At Inkelaar Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers have great sympathy for all workers injured on-the-job, and believe that not all accidents may be avoidable. Our firm has represented dozens of injured victims over the years, and is prepared to fight for your rights, and seek the justice you deserve for your losses and damages.

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Workplace Safety Precautions

As responsible members of the state of Nebraska, our attorneys have gathered a list of workplace safety precautions to help keep both employers and employees safe while on-the-job. Some general safety precautions include:

  • Obey all safety signs, tags and stickers
  • Your safety is your responsibility
  • Always follow safety precautions
  • Never take risks
  • Always keep a clean workspace
  • Report serious injuries immediately
  • Ensure an emergency exit is easily accessible
  • Be alert and awake on the job
  • Be attentive at all time
  • Never use shortcuts
  • Take short breaks when doing repetitive motions for a long time
  • Contact your manager when in doubt

Team Safety Tips

It is important that employers educate their employees on team safety. This means educating everyone about safety requirements and keeping a list of safety tips posted for everyone to see. By doing so, it may reduce, or eliminate the number of injuries or illnesses at your place of work. Some team safety tips include:

  • Keep open lines of communication
  • Notify others of potential hazards
  • Maintain awareness of potential hazards that could affect everyone
  • Report all hazards immediately
  • Be conscious of what you are doing at all times
  • Employers may invite employees in safety planning to hear all suggestions

Lifting & Climbing Safety Tips

When it comes to lifting and climbing injuries, these are often the most severe. In fact, falls killed a total of 605 workers, and injured 212,760 workers in 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some safety tips for lifting and climbing include:

  • Always use both hands
  • Never climb on an improvised ladder
  • Always use a safety harness
  • Always stay focused when elevated
  • Use your legs when lifting any object
  • Test the weight with your foot before lifting
  • Consider using a back brace for lifting
  • Lift objects slowly and smoothly
  • Keep the object close to your body
  • If the object is too heavy, ask for help

Tool & Machine Safety

Both tools and machines can be very dangerous if not used properly. However, by recognizing a few safety tips, working with tools can be safe. Some tool and machine safety tips include:

  • Use machinery only if you are authorized or trained to do so
  • Always use the correct tool for the job
  • Keep your tools clean
  • Keep your tools organized
  • Make sure the operator of the machine can see you at all times
  • Never perform tasks unless you have proper training
  • Never remove safety guards
  • Abide by all operation instructions
  • Stop the machine immediately if something is wrong
  • Communicate with those around you
  • Never walk in front of any machine or vehicle
  • Always read instructions and labels before using a tool or machine
  • Dress properly for the job
  • Never insert fingers or other objects into moving machinery
  • Always turn off tools or machines before cleaning or maintaining them

Workplace Safety Equipment Tips

Wearing the proper safety equipment and having the necessary safety equipment at your workplace can immensely reduce the total number of injuries and deaths at your workplace. Some workplace safety equipment tips include:

  • Wear proper shoes and clothing for the job
  • Make sure fire extinguishers are readily available
  • Make sure first aid kits are always available
  • Use a back brace if necessary
  • Wear a hard hat to protect you from falling objects
  • Wear gloves if appropriate
  • Wear goggles where potential hazards are present
  • Wear a safety harness working in elevated locations
  • Wear non-stick shoes
  • Wear a breathing mask where appropriate

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