Douglas County Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It can be disheartening to realize just how few drivers pay attention to bicyclists while on the road. Whether riding through an intersection or safely using the bike lane. A bicyclist faces the potential for devastating injuries at the hands of reckless car drivers.

As any Douglas County bicycle accident lawyer could explain, cyclists are some of the most frequently injured persons in these incidents. Some cyclists suffer fatal injuries and their families are left to cope with the consequences.

You have rights as a bicyclist and a well-versed personal injury attorney from Inkelaar Law can help you enforce them. Initiating a civil court claim might be your only opportunity to hold the at-fault party accountable for injuries and damages resulting from your accident.

Damage Types

An accident can yield big changes in the life of the injured person. Following the crash, the injured person might have to undergo surgery, attend physical therapy, and adjust to life with limited mobility or other problems. All of which can also cause problems for a person’s regular work life.

Bike wreck plaintiffs also often miss many days of work to attend medical appointments or may take time off due to the pain. Those who suffer paralysis or spinal cord damage might never work again.

A bike crash attorney from Inkelaar Law could help a plaintiff in Douglas County bring a civil claim against an at-fault party. Common economic damages awarded in such cases include lost wages, medical expenses, and loss of earning capacity. Plaintiffs and their attorneys may additionally be able to pursue compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

Civil Claim Filing Rights

A person hurt in a bike wreck generally must take action quickly to file a legal claim. The deadline established by the state statute of limitations may vary depending on whether you are filing directly or on behalf of another person killed in an accident.

For damages to personal property and overall personal injury, you must file within four years of the date of the accident to attempt recovery in court under Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-207. If the lawsuit is filed against the state government or as part of a wrongful death claim, this timeline is shortened to just two years. Representation from a qualified bike crash lawyer in Douglas County could be key to ensuring that your case is filed in a timely fashion.

Services Provided by a Douglas County Bicycle Accident Attorney

There are many different services that could be provided by an Inkelaar Law attorney in an injury case. Your Douglas County bicycle accident lawyer could evaluate the strength of your claim by looking at the evidence, contacting expert witnesses, and utilizing accident reconstruction to retell the story of how the incident occurred. They could also represent and advocate for you in settlement hearings and prepare the case to go to trial if necessary.

As an injured accident victim, your focus must remain on recovering as fully as possible. Leaving legal concerns to your hard-working legal counsel could be the best way to enforce your rights and pursue a positive outcome in your case. Call today to get started.