Douglas County Dog Bite Lawyer

While being bitten by a dog is certainly an unwelcome and stressful experience. It could also lead to further complications in the form of an infection or other serious side effects and symptoms. Often, plaintiffs of dog bite accidents do not even realize the full scope or severity of their current and possible future injuries until they get medical attention.

If an animal attack causes you serious injuries, a Douglas County dog bite lawyer could help you pursue a civil claim for compensation through the court system in Nebraska. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney from Inkelaar Law, you might be able to hold the owner of the dog accountable by filing a court case or pursuing a claim through their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Time Limits for Filing a Pet Attack Lawsuit

The length of the time period in which you may file a lawsuit over a dog bite depends on whether the individual was killed in the incident. For incidents in which the person survived the attack, the time period for filing a legal claim is four years from the date of the bite, as per Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-207.

If a person attacked by a dog does not survive, their surviving family members have a maximum of two years from the date of the bite attack to initiate a civil claim. No matter how severe the aftermath of you or your loved one’s dog bite, a Douglas County attorney from Inkelaar Law could help.

How to File Suit After a Dog Bite

Florida state law mandates that dog owners are liable for any and all damages their pets cause to anyone else. Specifically, Nebraska Revised Statutes §54-601 enables a dog bite victim to file suit if the dog injured the person or the individual’s pets or livestock.

It should be noted that there is an exception to this mandate for trespassers on the dog owner’s property. It has been held in the state that pet owners cannot be held liable under the state dog bite statute if the attack was caused through mischievous acts or playfulness of the dog. A dog attack lawyer in Douglas County could work with you to show that an owner in your case had reason to believe their dog might act aggressively while playing and took no steps to warn about such behavior.

Work with a Douglas County Dog Bite Attorney

While it might initially seem tempting to manage a dog bite claim on your own, these cases can be very complicated depending on the circumstances. On top of that, the extent of your injuries could be downplayed by insurance companies or the owner of the dog.

For these reasons, you need a Douglas County dog bite lawyer who has extensive experience in working with plaintiffs. A knowledgeable attorney from Inkelaar Law could explain the legal process to you and provide expert guidance through every step of your case. Schedule a consultation today to find out what we could do for you.