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Federal laws and Nebraska laws provide protections for all workers. These protections cover the topics of minimum hourly payments, overtime compensation, and when wages can be withheld. Anytime you get a job, regardless of age, the number of hours worked, or prior employment status you are entitled to these protections.

Sadly, unscrupulous employers can take advantage of unaware workers to cheat them out of what they have earned. Our Lincoln FLSA lawyers can work with you to ensure you receive every penny of the money for which you have worked so hard. Contact an experienced attorney at Inkelaar Law today for a consultation. En Español.

Protections for Lincoln Workers

Workers have protections under both Nebraska and federal laws. The baseline for all worker protections is provided in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This is a law passed by the U.S. Congress that sets a minimum standard for:

  • Hourly wages;
  • Overtime pay rates; and
  • When an employer can withhold wages.

The federal minimum wage for hourly, untipped workers is $7.25 per hour. Any overtime work, which is all hours worked in excess of 40 in a week, must be paid at a rate of 1.5x the normal hourly rate. Additionally, an employer must issue paychecks at least once every two weeks.

Nebraska law expands upon the minimum wages provided in federal law. Nebraska Revised Statute 48-1203 requires that all employers with at least four employees pay an hourly rate of no less than $9.00 per hour. This is legal since states may pass laws that expand upon federally provided protections. Nebraska laws do not expand upon how often workers must be paid nor do they offer additional pay rates for overtime.

A violation of any of these labor laws is illegal. You have the absolute right to receive every cent you earned and to receive it in a timely fashion. Our lawyers at Inkelaar Law are here to ensure this is done.

How Wage Laws Are Enforced

Both the federal government’s and Nebraska’s Departments of Labor work to enforce labor laws. If you have a grievance against your workplace, you can file a complaint that initiates an investigation into the incident. Both agencies have the power to interview witnesses, obtain documentary evidence, and order mediation sessions to settle the complaint. But in situations where a settlement cannot be reached, the agencies have the power to order the payment of all back wages and even to issue penalties against the employer.

The procedure to file a complaint is very specific and must be completed in a timely manner. A Lincoln FLSA attorney can assist you by filing the complaint with the agency that will provide the best chance of success in a given case. We work to ensure that the complaint is properly filed, and within the time limit mandated by law.

Lincoln FLSA Attorney Can Help

The right to work with dignity is a key aspect of our lives. Many of us identify strongly with our chosen professions and take great pride in our work. It can be extremely distressing and demoralizing to learn your employers have been stealing from you. Fortunately, both state and federal laws protect you from these sorts of abuses. The filing of these complaints can be complex and must be completed in the proper manner to give people the best chance of success.

Our Lincoln FLSA attorneys are here to help you stand up for your rights and ensure you receive all the money you have earned. Contact Inkelaar Law today to learn how we can help.