Lincoln Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Seniors are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. When health problems limit their ability to speak up about mistreatment, negligent and abusive nursing home staff members can take advantage of them. When families notice signs their loved one has been abused or neglected while in the care of a nursing home facility, they may want to take legal action.

Start the process today by calling a credible attorney. Set up a confidential consultation with a Lincoln nursing home abuse lawyer. A legal representative at Inkelaar Law can partner with families to help their loved one get the care they need.

Common Types of Abuse in Lincoln

Nursing home abuse comes in many forms:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Neglect

Physical & Emotional Abuse

Physical abuse is perhaps the most obvious. Abusive staff members often leave bruises, scars, and other marks. Sometimes, abusive behavior can result in broken bones and sprained muscles. Though not every injury of this kind is necessarily caused by abuse, they can be signs that a senior is being mistreated.

Emotional and social abuse is also an issue. Leaving seniors in isolation or seclusion for extended periods can be incredibly traumatic, as can verbal abuse and demeaning language. It is less obvious when a person has been emotionally abused, but a change in behavior or mood can indicate something is wrong. Speak with a Lincoln nursing home abuse lawyer for more information.

Financially Abuse & Neglect

Some nursing home employees exploit their patients financially. When a patient’s private information, banking information, and other documentation is used to take cash or assets without their permission, they have been financially abused. Many families do not learn of this kind of abuse until long after.

In many cases, abuse comes in the form of neglect. Nursing home facilities are notoriously understaffed, and in many cases, do not pay their employees very well. This can lead to apathy among staff. Uncaring towards patients, these employees often fail to feed them, change their bedding, or attend to their personal hygiene needs. Common signs of this type of abuse include a decline in hygiene, injuries from falls, and bed sores.

Legal Options for Victims and Their Families

Families who wish to file a claim against the facility where their loved one has been abused should contact one of our Lincoln nursing home attorneys for help. The lawyer will work tirelessly to determine whether you have a valid case and can help you seek the best possible outcome.

A Lincoln nursing home abuse lawyer can pursue compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and more. Deciding whether to file a claim is a stressful choice, but one for which an attorney can offer valuable insight.

Get Help from a Lincoln Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

Call today to begin seeking justice for your loved one. The people responsible for this horrible abuse should be held accountable for their actions. Act not only on behalf of your beloved family member but to prevent the person from being able to hurt anyone else.

A consultation with a Lincoln nursing home abuse lawyer can help give you a better understanding of your rights and allow you to decide what steps to take next. The appointment is risk-free and requires no commitment. Even those unsure if they have a viable case can benefit from a free, no-risk consultation.