Common Causes of Lincoln Truck Accidents

No matter what the cause of a truck crash is, the impact is typically devastating for those involved. Each truck crash may be unique and must be investigated thoroughly to determine what rights for compensation a plaintiff may have. If you were injured in a truck collision, reach out to a hard-working Inkelaar Law lawyer to learn your rights. An accomplished truck accident attorney can provide the legal support and guidance you need. Let a lawyer familiar with the common causes of Lincoln truck accidents help you recover compensation.

Overweight and Overloaded Trucks

A truck operating above the acceptable weight can lead to an accident. The more weight that a truck has, the more difficult it will be to stop. In accident cases involving overweight or overloaded trucks, liability is typically placed upon the truck driver and the company that he or she is driving for.

The owner or the employer is also responsible since he or she is the one that hired the driver. Owners should ensure that the driver is complying with all laws. If the driver is not complying, state laws and federal laws dictate that the owner or employer can also be held liable.

Dangers of Driver Fatigue

Another one of the common causes of Lincoln truck accidents is driver fatigue. Individuals who drive trucks while overtired often have inattention. Fatigue could also delay a person’s response time, which could leave the driver more susceptible to having a collision. A driver must have a set number of hours that he or she can drive. The driver must also have time to rest before getting back on the road. This is meant to keep the driver from being fatigue and causing an accident.

Simply driving over the allotted time allowed for driving is the leading cause of truck accidents in Lincoln. Not being allowed to drive more than eight hours in a day, or being forced to drive more than eight hours, is one of the leading causes of fatigue. When considering the liability in cases of overtired drivers, there are several factors. One factor includes drivers who have been driving too long. If this occurs, it is presumed that he or she may be fatigued and partially at fault for a wreck.

Truck Collisions Caused by Intoxicated Drivers

Tractor trailer collisions involving drunk drivers are not very prevalent. Typically, most truck drivers in Lincoln do not drink alcohol and drive. When such cases do occur, alcohol is found frequently in the wreck or in the person’s system. To avoid fatigue, there may be stimulants drivers use and try to stay awake.

The implications of drunk driving can be very severe. A DUI could prevent a truck driver from obtaining a CDL, which is a commercial driver’s license. This could prevent an employer and the employer’s insurance company from wanting to hire the driver. It should be noted that the consequences of a DUI vary from state to state.

Blind Spot Truck Wrecks

Blind spot accidents occur when the truck driver makes a turn without determining whether anyone is in his or her blind spot. Standard drivers also tend to be in the truck driver’s blind spot. It may not occur to a person driving a regular car that the truck driver cannot see him or her.

Given the long structure of trucks, the truck driver may not have been able to see you or other drivers in certain blind spots. In certain cases, he or she may be up high where the mirrors do not show certain areas. This could impact the trucker’s ability to determine who is in the lane next to him or her.

These types of accidents typically occur on the interstate, which is mostly where truck drivers drive. While truckers also drive on highways, the interstate is the most common location. If the truck is clearly advising drivers to avoid unsafe behaviors while in the truck’s marked blind spots, there should not be any negligence on the person in the car.

Even if the car is in the blind spot, the truck driver must still ensure that it is safe to get over. For help with recovering damages following a truck accident, contact our lawyers at Inkelaar Law.

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