Biggest Mistakes to Avoid after a Lincoln Truck Accident

After a truck wreck, there are numerous dangers a person must avoid to protect themselves from legal liability. It could be crucial for those who were involved in an 18-wheeler collision to contact an attorney who could explain what the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Lincoln truck accident are. A dedicated truck accident attorney from Inkelaar Law can provide the legal counsel you need. Call today to learn more about how a lawyer could help you avoid the mistakes that could hinder your compensation.

Dangers of Admitting Fault at the Scene

Admitting fault could be a mistake since you may not know what the other person was doing at the time of the crash. For instance, the defendant may have been texting or handling his or her radio. Admitting that you are at fault while at the scene of a wreck is admissible in court. The other driver’s attorney could use this in his or her case. Therefore, it is critical for one to avoid admitting liability or even saying “sorry” to the other driver.

Importance of Following the Doctor’s Orders

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Lincoln truck accident is not seeking medical treatment or following the doctor’s orders. Not following the doctor’s instructions could be used against you down the road by the insurance adjuster. If the insurance companies look at your records and see that you did not follow the doctor’s orders, the defendant could use this against you in a trial. The defendant could also claim that had you followed the doctor’s instructions and prescriptions; you may not have been as severely hurt.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Following a truck collision, it is critical for you to avoid giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. It is essential to know that insurance adjusters will look for any way they can avoid paying a claim or paying less. Therefore, the adjuster may try to get you to say something that is against your interest. Instead, you should obtain a seasoned lawyer from Inkelaar Law who can advise you on whether to answer any questions on the record.

It is also important to consult an attorney before accepting a check from the insurance company. By cashing a check, it means that you are accepting it as coverage for the other driver’s full liability. This could prevent you from getting the damages that you are entitled to recover. If the defendant’s insurance company offers you a check after a truck wreck, an adept attorney can advise you on how to proceed.

When to Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Without an attorney, you may be required to deal with the insurance adjuster alone own. You may say or do something that could hurt your case without the guidance of an experienced lawyer. It is typically better to let a professional deal with the insurance adjuster’s insurance company.

After seeking medical treatment, you should seek the assistance of a Lincoln truck accident lawyer. A well-versed attorney can help you handle insurance companies and could protect you from liability in your injury claim. Speak with an Inkelaar Law lawyer who is familiar with the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Lincoln truck accident.