Nebraska Personal Injury Lawyer

Sometimes accidents and injuries happen that we did not anticipate. Any injury can result in medical expenses, as well as missed work due to taking time off to recover. However, it may be possible that you obtain compensation for any expenses resulting from your injuries.

If you were injured, consider speaking with a Nebraska personal injury lawyer. Experienced accident attorneys can help you decide whether you may have a legal claim to help recoup some of your expenses. Moreover, we are familiar with many types of personal injuries and are available to help in any way we can. En Español.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries

Potential bodily injury can arise in several potential situations, including the following:

  • Vehicular injuries resulting from car wrecks or pedestrian accidents;
  • Injuries due to products or tools;
  • Injuries that happen at work or on the job; and
  • Injuries due to animals, such as dog bites.

Under Nebraska Revised Statute Section 25-207, there is a four-year statute of limitations for any personal injury claim. In other words, you have four years to file a legal claim for any kind of bodily injury.

Types of Claims for Compensation in Nebraska

Generally, personal injury lawsuits can involve legal claims of intentional torts, negligence, or both. Intentional torts broadly refer to intentional acts that injure the plaintiff in some way. For example, the intentional tort of battery requires that the defendant intentionally touch the plaintiff in some way that causes harm or offense. Any personal injury caused by one or more purposeful actions may, therefore, be potentially classified as a battery.

How Do Negligence Cases Differ From Cases of Intent?

By contrast, negligence refers to a situation in which the defendant engages in behavior that unnecessarily endangers the plaintiff, who is consequently injured by their actions. In Nebraska, however, any of the plaintiff’s own actions that may have contributed to their injury could reduce any of their potential damages, according to Section 25-21,185.09.

A decision on whether to pursue a personal injury case based on intentional torts or on negligence can be more intelligently made after consultation with an attorney. A Nebraska personal injury lawyer could provide you with advice on whether a legal case is appropriate and, if so, what kind of case to pursue.

A Nebraska Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Personal injuries can occur in different locations and involve various activities. As a result, it can be important to obtain legal representation in order to make an informed decision on whether to file a lawsuit.

Our Nebraska personal injury lawyers are trained to review the circumstances surrounding your injury and provide you with options on how best to proceed. The dedicated attorneys at Inkelaar Law are familiar with different kinds of bodily injuries and how they can happen. We know that each personal injury lawsuit is unique and strive to make sure you receive the individualized assistance you deserve. If you were injured in Nebraska, make sure that your rights are not violated. Our personal injury attorneys can help. Call Inkelaar Law today for a free consultation.