Nebraska Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Many of us have experienced minor cuts and bruises throughout our lives. But sometimes more serious, life-changing injuries can occur. Catastrophic injuries such as brain or spinal cord damage may require intensive, prolonged treatment. If you suffered a catastrophic injury, you may be wondering how to pay for your medical costs.

You may be eligible for compensation to help you recover part or all your expenses. A Nebraska catastrophic injury lawyer could review your situation to see if you could collect monetary damages. If so, our compassionate personal injury lawyers at Inkelaar Law could help file a civil lawsuit on your behalf to help you collect the compensation you are entitled to. En Español.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is generally one that is severe and life-changing, with long-term consequences. Catastrophic injuries include:

  • Amputation or loss of limbs;
  • Blindness or loss of other senses;
  • Permanent physical or mental disability; and
  • Multiple bone fractures or damaged organs.

Such injuries may result in both short-term and long-term medical costs. For example, an individual who has gone blind because of a catastrophic injury may need immediate treatment to stabilize their condition. Afterward, they may incur expenses for long-term care assistance or rehabilitation. They may also face costs for installing safety mechanisms in their residence to prevent future injury.

A catastrophic injury victim may be able to recover these and other expenses by filing a civil lawsuit for damages. In addition to medical expenses, you may be able to recover compensation for lost wages or lost future earnings due to your injury or disability. You may also be able to collect damages for your pain and suffering due to the injury. A Nebraska catastrophic injury attorney could provide you additional information on the types of damages available for a specific situation.

Injury Lawsuits in Nebraska

Those wishing to file a civil lawsuit based on their catastrophic injury have four years to do so, according to Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-207. This four-year deadline generally begins from the time of the accident or injury. There are other applicable laws that you should know about when considering a suit.

Negligence and Catastrophic Injuries

In many catastrophic injury cases, you may have the option of claiming negligence. Negligence generally requires that you prove that one or more defendants exposed you to unreasonable risks, which resulted in your injury.

Nebraska, however, has a comparative negligence rule that may decrease potential compensation for claimants who were negligent. Under N.R.S. §25-21,185.09, a jury may reduce the amount of a damage award in proportion with their degree of negligence. For example, if someone was 20 percent responsible for their own catastrophic injury, their award may be correspondingly reduced by 20 percent.

Cases with Multiple Defendants

In some catastrophic injury cases, there may be more than one individual responsible for the injury. In such cases, Nebraska law generally mandates that each defendant is jointly and severally liable for the injury, according to N.R.S. §25-21,185.10.

Therefore, the catastrophic injury victim may be able to collect damages from any individual defendant or any combination of defendants. It is possible for a car wreck to involve multiple negligent parties. If you need more information about filing a claim against multiple defendants, a Nebraska catastrophic injury lawyer could answer your questions.

Speaking to a Nebraska Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If you suffered a catastrophic injury, you should first make sure you receive appropriate medical care. In many situations, good medical care can greatly impact your situation and future quality of life.

Afterward, consider calling our Nebraska catastrophic injury lawyers at Inkelaar Law. Our lawyers could talk with you to help you decide whether filing a legal claim is in your best interest. If you decide to file a lawsuit, we could help give you the best shot at success. Make sure you defend your rights. Call Inkelaar Law today.