Nebraska Burn Injury Lawyer

Most of us have experienced how uncomfortable a burn from a stove or other hot surface can be. Every burn, no matter where it is located, is painful. As a result, those with more extensive or severe burn injuries may require multiple surgeries and physical rehabilitation. En Español.

If you have such an injury, a Nebraska burn injury lawyer is available to help. The experienced catastrophic injury attorneys at Inkelaar Law could help you recover compensation from those who caused your burn injury. We are familiar with burn injury lawsuits and advise you on whether such a lawsuit is your best chance at financial recovery.

Burn Injury Symptoms and Causes

Burns can occur on almost every exposed part of the body. There are three different severities of burns, ranked from the least severe to the most severe. A first-degree burn injury generally only affects the outermost surface of the skin, resulting in redness and swelling. Most sunburns are first-degree burns.

By contrast, a second-degree burn affects both the outermost skin layer and the layer of skin immediately underneath. Second-degree burns may result in discoloration or blisters. Finally, a third-degree burn affects tissue underneath the skin, resulting in numbness or blackened skin.

There are a variety of possible causes for burn injuries, including the following:

  • Hot liquids or steam;
  • Hot surfaces, such as a stove or iron;
  • Chemical exposure; and
  • Fire.

Since the treatment for burns may depend on the injury’s severity and location, if you are burned you should seek immediate medical attention.

Treatments for Recovery

Depending on your specific situation, you may need a variety of treatments, such as:

  • Salves or ointments to treat the injured area;
  • Topical or ingested pain medication;
  • Treatments to clean the injured area and prevent infection;
  • Skin grafts;
  • Intravenous fluids; and
  • Functional and cosmetic reconstruction.

Burn injury victims may be able to recover their expenses for these and other treatments by filing a civil lawsuit against those responsible for their injury. In Nebraska, burn injury victims have up to four years to file a civil lawsuit for damages, according to Nebraska Revised Statutes §25-207. A compassionate personal injury attorney at Inkelaar Law can review your specific situation and provide further advice on your legal options.

Nebraska Negligence Law

Many lawsuits based on burn injuries may include a negligence claim. To prove negligence, a plaintiff must usually show the defendant had a duty of care to them, the defendant breached that duty, and the breach caused their injury.

For example, a burn injury victim may claim that the defendant should have warned them about the presence of potentially dangerous chemicals. The defendant’s failure to warn may have then caused the victim’s interaction with the chemicals, leading to a burn injury.

Since each negligence case is dependent on specific facts involving duties of care and causation, any individual considering a negligence claim should contact a Nebraska burn injury lawyer at Inkelaar Law for further information.

Talking to a Nebraska Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are often different than other injuries since they can damage large portions of skin. As a result, different kinds of medical procedures or recovery mechanisms may be necessary for burn injuries.

If you are concerned about your medical expenses or financial situation after a burn injury, get in touch with one of our Nebraska burn injury lawyers. Our attorneys could review your situation and answer any legal questions you may have. Then, we could help you decide your next steps. Our Nebraska burn injury attorneys are here to help you. Call Inkelaar Law today.