Omaha Motor Scooter Lawyer

Drivers of motor scooters have to follow the same laws as motorcycle riders, so they have to have a separate motorcycle license. There are no distinct or separate motor scooter laws. The main differences between motor scooters and motorcycles are the power to the engine and the size of the vehicles. The motorcycle has more engine power, more horsepower, and is usually bigger than a Vespa or scooter. A person on either a motorcycle or a scooter is required to wear a helmet and still has to follow all the traffic laws of Nebraska.

If you have been injured in a motors cooter accident, it may be in your best interest to get in contact with a seasoned attorney at Inkelaar Law. Get in contact with an Omaha motor scooter lawyer today.

Potential Consequences Associated with Motor Scooters

Motor scooters are often smaller and slower than motorcycles, so there is a greater chance that they may be hit by other automobiles. The fact that motor scooters do not have much power and can only go so fast makes them more susceptible to being struck.

The main injuries that occur in motor scooter accidents are head injuries, followed by abrasions, scrapes, and broken bones. The injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents and motor scooter accidents are often fairly similar.

Safe Driving Tips

There are still some ways motor scooters can take precaution in order to avoid injuries. Being super aware of the environment is helpful in case there is an oncoming car that one typically may not see. A person driving a motor scooter can also try to predict the movement of cars. If a driver sees someone swerving in and out of lanes recklessly, it may not be wise to drive close to that person. One could also drive safer during adverse, or avoid driving at all.

It is important to note that these are only a few ways to prevent accidents. There are cases where the driver of the opposing vehicle is at fault. That is why it is important to always wear a helmet in order to prevent serious head injuries in a potential accident. If an Omaha motor scooter lawyer can present the fact that the victim was taking precautionary actions in order to avoid an accident, that may strengthen the victim’s potential injury claim.

Altering the Defense Strategy in Omaha

Usually, an Omaha motor scooter lawyer’s strategy may be to argue that, because the scooter is a lot quieter than a motorcycle, it was very hard for the defendant to know that the scooter was there. The attorney may also judge how the citizens who make up the jury look at motorcyclists. They are going to look at whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet or protective clothing, and could look at the facts of the collision to see what exactly happened.

Benefits of Hiring an Omaha Motor scooter Attorney

An Omaha motor scooter lawyer can help someone involved in a motor scooter accident in Omaha by explaining their rights to them, advising them on the types of action they should take, and urging them to seek medical treatment. If there is property damage, they need to have that appraised. An attorney at Inkelaar Law can also help in dealing with the insurance company. Usually, the attorney has experience dealing with the insurance companies, whereas the person injured on a scooter normally does not.